An absence of workable models

The findings of recent opinion polls are truly paradoxical: The overwhelming majority of Greeks claim to accept the need for reforms while simultaneously rejecting any initiatives proposed by the government. Some regard these answers as hypocritical. Everyone claims to want reforms as long as...

A message from the Centre–Left

There is a democratic paradox reflected in the communication deficit of the Centre-Left. Like democracy, which the more it deepens more players are involved in a more complex decision making process, the message of the Centre – Left has become so complex that it can easily be lost.

The end of unemployment

Δεν πρόκειται να υπάρξει τέλος της εργασίας, όπως προέβλεψε ο Jeremy Rifkin. Mάλλον, το τέλος αφορά την μόνιμη «θέση εργασίας» [αγγλικά]